Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyer, Eric George, moves against her

The lawyer who got Oksana Grigorieva a $15 million dollar settlement, Eric George, wants to take her to court for waiving her attorney-client privacy privilege and warns that he will tell sheriffs about details surrounding the Grigorieva/Gibson affair. However, the singer’s current lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, claims this is not true and threatens to sue him.

According to TMZ, George is an important witness in the extortion investigation between Grigorieva and Mel Gibson and he intends too talk to officials about the issue.

“I will regard the attorney-client privilege to have been waived, and will endeavor to resume with the L.A. Sheriff’s Department detectives those portions of my earlier interview for which I had been obliged to invoke the privilege,” George said in an email sent to Horowitz.

Three days later, Horowitz replied, “You do not have permission to waive or disclose any privileged matters. If you unilaterally waive privilege as you seem to intend to do, you must take full responsibility for those choices.” 

“Nothing that we have said or done authorizes you to do this.”

On November 21, Horowitz added, “There are certain materials only you and Oksana have that has appeared publicly though not released by Oksana.”

The following day, George responded, “Your email insinuates that my law firm leaked or sold privileged communications as well as tapes between the litigants” and threatened that Horowitz’s response “[leaves] me no choice but to immediately proceed with an action for defamation.”

On November 3, Oksana Grigorieva signed a statement regarding Eric George before Judge Scott Gordon saying, “I have waived attorney-client privilege repeatedly in this declaration.”