Mel Gibson: Oksana is a profiteer

In a declaration obtained by the site, the actor says, “When Oksana and I began dating, she and her son, Alexander (Sacha), who she shares custody of with Sacha’s father, actor Timothy Dalton, were living in the home of a friend, music producer David Foster, and I was living in my present home in Malibu.”

He continues: “Oksana would often complain to me that she did not like having to make the drive from Malibu to Sherman Oaks, where Sacha was enrolled in school during the weeks Sacha was in her custody.”

But when David Foster wanted his house back, Oksana had to move out. That’s when Mel decided to buy her a four-bedroom, 3,468-square-foot house in Sherman Oaks.

However, things soon went sour between the two. Mel further states, “Our relationship was always a tumultuous one and Oksana and I argued with one another frequently about recurring problems in our relationship. As a result, I left the Sherman Oaks residence and moved back into my home in Malibu several times prior to March, 2010, when our dating relationship finally came to an end.”