Police say “person of interest” might not have to do with the Ronni Chasen murder case

43-year-old ex-con Harold Martin Smith shot himself in a Santa Monica Boulevard apartment on Wednesday as police officers served a warrant.

“At this time, it is unknown if this individual was involved in the Chasen homicide,” the Police Department said in a statement.

This man had reportedly told one of his neighbors, Terri Gilpin, that he “offed her” and got paid for it.

“You know that lady on TV?” she quoted him as saying. “That publicist? I did it, I did it.”

According to the Associated Press, Smith had a long criminal record and he had already been in prison for possession of drugs.

Ronni Chasen, a famous Hollywood publicist, was killed on November 16 while driving her Mercedes-Benz after leaving an afterparty for the Burlesque premiere. Her body was found riddled with bullets in her car after hitting a light pole.