Mercedes E-Class Convertible gets sporty

Even if the current Mercedes E-Class convertible display a sporty look, the tuners from Piech, who specialize in customizing packages, have decided to offer the German model a more aggressive look. The tuner wanted only to change the aesthetics of the model, preferring to develop a series of radical enhancements.

The list of upgrades includes a new front spoiler, air intakes and a somewhat larger extension, side sills, a ride height lowered by a few millimeters and a special paint. But the real show may be recorded at the rear spoiler which was also replaced in order to incorporate a new deflector and two dual chrome exhaust pipes.

The discreet spoiler mounted on the roof perfectly fits into the landscape which is dominated by the LED rear lights. The model is also equipped with the 19-inch alloy wheels with double spokes. On the mechanical level, Piech decided to just change the exhaust system, which has won much in tone and appearance.

According to the statement released by Piech, the package of accessories will be available on the coupe version of the E-Class as well.

Source: zercustoms