A watch initially sold for $ 9.95 got the owner $ 66,100

As he was planning to sell some of the junk he kept in his garage, a former U.S. Navy doctor posted several products on eBay, including a simple wristwatch that he bought for $ 70 when he was young.

The owner initially established the auction price for the watch, a Rolex Submariner Ref 551, at a minimum $ 9.95.

We can only imagine the shock he had on seeing the auction rise to $ 30,000. He then believed it was a mistake.

Bob, the owner of the watch, and his son immediately made some research and found that the 52-year-old watch, is a rare collection piece whose value exceeds $ 100.00.

Known as the Bond Rolex, the Submariner Ref 551 model became famous after Sean Connery wore it in the James Bond movies “Dr No”, “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball.”

The final bid on eBay ended on the amount of $ 66,100 and you can see the entire course of the auction here.

Source: Hodinkee via Crunchgear