Nick Cannon denies rumor saying Mariah Carey is expecting twins

But there’s another rumor that Nick Cannon was quick to deny: the one saying the diva is expecting twins.

A few months ago Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon officially announced the forthcoming arrival of their first child. Following a miscarriage in 2008, the diva wanted to take precautions to avoid revealing information precipitously.

Recently, the 40-year-old singer made a little revealing slip when she referred to her baby as “they”, sparking rumors that she might be expecting twins. Asked by about his wife’s statement, Nick Cannon said: “That rumor started because she said something about ‘they. Something like, ‘I hope they don’t hate Christmas,” but she was using the word ‘they’ as in, like, he and she.”

Cannon claims the baby’s sex is still unknown. However, the comic says that there is a difference between him and Mariah as far as their commitment to the traditions of Christmas is concerned. If Mariah is a big fan of the holiday, as in the past she’s also released an album dedicated to it, this is not the case for Nick who has already whispered to Carey’s belly that there is no Santa.

“I got in trouble for that,” he said. “I’m a Santa-ologist. At three-years-old my Dad told me there was no Santa. And my wife is Mrs. Christmas, so I have to compromise on that.”