Bernard Madoff’s son found dead in his New York apartment

The same source told The Associated Press it might be a case of suicide.

Mark Madoff, 46, was found hanged in his apartment in Manhattan, said a police official who requested anonymity. A family member alerted police around 7.30am.

Mark Madoff and his brother, Andrew, were being investigated but were not charged in the giant Ponzi scheme mounted by their father.

Mark Madoff and Andrew worked for the family’s financial business in an industry not directly affected by fraud. Bernard Madoff was arrested two years ago, on December 11, after admitting swindling his family. The Madoff sons, according to family lawyers, were the ones who reported him to authorities.

Madoff is currently serving a prison sentence of 150 years in federal prison. He admitted having mounted a massive financial fraud on a pyramid model (“Ponzi scheme”).