iPad 2 to appear next February

A new multimedia tablet equipped with cameras for video calling and a memory card slot.

According to Digitimes website, Taiwan’s Foxconn, known supplier of components for Apple iPhones and its other products, have begun production of iPad 2, the new generation of the electronic tablet. And the specialized website provides relatively accurate information: the first issue counts between 400000 and 600000 units that should be ready around late February or mid-March.
“Investing in Apple-related shares is going to be a major theme for most of next year,” said Bevan Yeh, a fund manager at Prudential Securities investment Trust, who manages about T$7 billion ($230 million) and owns supplier shares.

“Apple is still the main driver on most technology products, and this will help push the earnings of its suppliers even more in 2011,” Yeh said.

According to other sources cited by Reuters, Genius Electronic Optical and Largan Precision, two camera and electronic products specialists, have also forged an agreement with Apple.
On the menu of this new version, two cameras will be incorporated, on the front and back side of the unit. An addition that explains why the arrival of the new videophone iPad, which was lacking in the first version, was so long-expected . Another new addition is that of an SD card slot (memory card).

These new features are also clearly identifiable on the site Alibaba.com, which offers retail sail of high-tech devices. On its online catalog, you could still see Thursday’s hull which was presented as the future iPad 2. The product has since been removed from the site.