Michael Jackson will be “dissected” by the Discovery Channel

Indeed, the Discovery Channel will broadcast on 13 January 2011 a documentary on the events surrounding the singer’s death.

Based on the pathologist’s report and court documents, the film will show a reproduction of the body of the star in every detail. The documentary aims to follow a doctor who will dissect the body and reveal the true reasons for his death by spreading rumors about his addiction or his skin condition.

A previous documentary broadcast on VH1 had shocked the U.S. Following its release, the MJ’s family and fans filed a complaint against the channel.

However, according to TMZ, fans of the artist are opposing the broadcast of the Discovery documentary “Michael Jackson’s Autopsy”. Nearly 1,500 signatures have already been collected for a petition against the show, which fans call “an affront to human dignity.”

Michael Jackson died after a lethal dose of Propofol, a powerful anesthetic used for sleeping and administered by his personal doctor, Conrad Murray, now charged with manslaughter and accused of negligence by the artist’s father. The final autopsy for Michael Jackson reported a healthy man.