Blake Lively vs. Leighton Meester – Serena Wan Der Woodseen vs. Blair Waldorf – XOXO Gossip Girl

In “Gossip Girl,” they’re sometimes competing. Blair Waldorf may be different from her Gossip Girl alter ego but she says she can relate to the onscreen love that her character Blair Waldorf shares with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), while Serena Wan Der Woodseen, the most popular girl, everybody’s favorite, wants to redefine herself all the time, the party girl always tries to change whenever things get out of control.

But one thing is certain: they always stick to each other when they’re in trouble.

In real life, Blake Lively actually had a relationship with Penn Badgley, (Dan Humphrey in the show), and recently she was spotted getting cozy with Ryan Gosling, a relationship “approved” of by her “Gossip Girl” mum Lily van der Woodseen (Kelly Rutherford).

“It’d be great [if they were dating]. Blake’s an amazing person,”Kelly Rutherford has said of the two. “She’s so gorgeous. He’s a lucky man if they are!”

Gosling and Lively have yet to confirm there is something going on between them. “She’s an incredible actress; she’s a good friend,” Gosling told People.

As for Rutherford, 42, who went through a difficult divorce last year from husband Daniel Giersch – with whom she has two children, Hermés and Helena – she hasn’t rule out the possibility of dating again.

“It’s not really a priority. I have so much love in my life right now with my kids. Right now I’m so fulfilled between work and my kids. It’s so important, this time in their life,” she told PEOPLE.

In addition, she will soon be working with Chanel for a handbag ad.

Leighton Meester recently posed for Allure, where she talks about her tumultuous past life. She has made an ad for Herbal and says she hopes she will one day find true love.

“And it’s definitely wonderful to cuddle and have sex and get to experience life with somebody. But it’s okay if you don’t find him and you’re 24. You can find it someday,” Meester told Allure.

In the interview, she also talked about how she could relate to her character’s romantic relationship with Chuck Bass (played by Ed Westwick)

“I can really relate to it – not necessarily because it’s this dramatic, tumultuous relationship, but because the way they love each other is very real, and not for the sake of being dramatic,” she says. “It’s actual love. There’s nobody for each other but them.”

Regarding her partying in the past, she confessed: “We had craaaazy parties, we had DJ’s, bands, an ice luge, a fire twirler. My roommate burned off her bangs on the stove trying to light a cigarette. We would go out all the time. I’ve never gotten too crazy, but I definitely had experiences. Now, I don’t want to do anything unhealthy for me.”

“Drinking is one thing, overdrinking is another,” she continued. “And drugs are something that I do not tolerate at all. You would be surprised how many people do it. If you go out and you’re living the nightlife scene, that’s what people do.”

Recently, Leighton blasted rumors saying she’s leaving the “Gossip Girl” cast. “We’re under contract,” she told E! News, adding that she “obviously enjoys working on the show and in New York.”

In her interview with Allure, Leighton has also addressed her alleged rivalry with the other leading lady of “Gossip Girl,” Blake Lively: “It’s unfortunate when women are pitted against each other, like with Sex and the City. People say, ‘They’re jealous of each other.’ Come on! They’re all rich, successful, great actresses.”

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