Hugh Jackman plays X-Men and gets injured


“That was so much fun, until the end,” the actor joked.

Hugh Jackman was to arrive on scene from the roof of the opera, sliding along a rope on which he was attached with a harness. But “distracted by the sight,” as he said, he forgot to apply the brakes when approaching the ground and crashed headlong into the spotlight.

“I came down waving to everyone, looking over Sydney Harbour, saw my dad, the kids and you (Winfrey), went to pull the brake and then boing,” he said.

The actor, 42, who refused to be doubled for stunts in the “X-Men” saga, where he plays Wolferine, only got away with a black eye.

The filming of the Oprah Winfrey show, before 6,000 spectators selected from among 350,000 applicants, was shortly interrupted.

For the last year of her television show, Oprah Winfrey, described as the most influential celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine, filmed for the first time outside of the United States and chose Australia.

These shows devoted to Australia will be released in January.