VIDEO – Nicolas Cage’s rant outside a Bucharest club

Nicolas Cage and two men, who seemed to be part of his gang, had a fight in the street in front of a club in Bucharest.

Angry shouts and gestures of the famous actor were recorded by an amateur and broadcast on Realitatea TV. The recording was done on the night of Saturday to Sunday, around 5.00.

“I’m going to get in that car and walk away. Otherwise, if you want to kill me, go for it, brothers,” he shouts at some guy. “I’ll f*%king die because of honor. I’ll f*%king die right now! ‘Don’t touch me you little b!tch!”

“See my eyes! Respect them as you’d respect me!”

The actor’s guards ended the clash, after they convinced him to get in the car and go to the hotel where he is staying.

Until now, Castel Film representatives have not commented on the incident.

The incident comes days after the newspaper reported about the filming being stopped by police in the morning of December 4, after one of the extras called them and complained about the conditions in which he was working.

The police were called by one of the extras working on the improvised set at the Romanian Academy in Bucharest, where they were shooting some scenes for “Ghost Rider 2”.

The one who made the complaint was not satisfied wit the working conditions, saying the producers had them film in the rain all night wearing only shirts, in a body building with no roof, while Nicolas Cage, who only shot half an hour, was sitting comfortably in his cabin.

Police checked their contracts and found no irregularities, indicating that people who are unhappy may appeal to the court.

Actor Nicolas Cage is in Romania for the shooting of his latest movie, “Ghost Rider 2.