Alina Kabayeva, the rumored mistress of Vladimir Putin appears on the cover of the Russian Vogue

The announcement triggered much controversy.

Although Kabayeva, who is a former rhythmic gymnastics gold medalist at the 2004 Olympics, denied the rumors regarding her relationship with Putin, the magazine reads on the cover: “Her biggest victory.”

There are also rumors that the former gymnast, 27, is Putin’s illegitimate child’s mother.

Two years ago, in April 2008, a Russian newspaper announced that Putin and Alina Kabayeva are engaged to be married after he finished his presidential mandate.

The source of this news was a wedding planner in St. Petersburg, who had been assigned to handle the reception after the wedding.

However, shortly after the appearance of the news, Putin has denied having a relationship with the former gymnast.

In some mysterious way, the tabloid that published this information was closed shortly after the appearance of the articles about Putin and Kabayeva.

Last year, Kabayeva gave birth to a boy, but his father’s identity was not disclosed.

Image source: Vogue