VIDEO – Usher gets a kick in the face from fan


There may be risks to taking a fan on stage and Usher just had a painful experience.

While the singer had invited a lady to join him for “Trading Places”, a sensual song during his concert at Madison Square Garden, he was the victim of a frontal attack from the high-heel shoes of his very enterprising invited.

The young woman, obviously very comfortable and excited, had taken action and decided to change positions to be more tight-glued to her idol.

But bad luck, the maneuver resulted in a strong kick in the face of a very surprised Usher who still had a good sense of humor:

“We play rough in the bed, you know. Kicking each other in the head and stuff.”

Immediately uncomfortable, the fan instantly became a nurse, a far cry from the early lascivious partner, repeating incessantly “I’m gonna take care of you,” as she wiped her idol’s face with a cloth.