Lindsay Lohan: Pursued and threatened by a stalker?

Sources tell TMZ that the actress has been receiving inappropriate calls and text messages from unknown numbers. The instigator, an unidentified person, is making inappropriate comments about Lohan’s healing process and her family.

The individual claims to know precisely where LiLo is at every moment and says he is watching her day and night.

The actress is currently pursuing a drug treatment center at Betty Ford in Rancho Mirage (Los Angeles), California. The Betty Ford Center officials are taking these threats very seriously, informs TMZ.

The actress – who recently withdrew from the cast of “Inferno” – has been transferred to a more secure unit of Betty Ford, in an undisclosed location.

Lindsay Lohan should remain at the center until at least January 3, 2011. Her stay could be extended by court order.

But for many weeks, LiLo has been fighting to get a permission slip to be able to spend the year-end holidays with her parents. However, since it’s impossible for her to join her mother, Dina Lohan, and the rest of the family, who reside in New York, her whole family will come to her. It’s probably one of the little good things that will arrive in the life of the troubled star.