Cadillac could work on a plug-in luxury

This would be based on the current SRX and resume part of the system used by the Voltec Chevrolet Volt (electric motor of 149 hp + engine of 1.4 liters of 84 horses for this one) to reduce costs.

The Cadillac, however, should be technologically different from the concept Converj, presented in Detroit in 2009 (a variant of the Chevy) since it will draw profit from work on a crossover plug-in project for Saturn and Buick based on the Theta platform, a project dating from 2008-2009 and abandoned without being made public.

Note that Cadillac SRX was introduced in 2008 as a concept powered by a fuel cell. We should learn more about this in 2011.

Image source: Automobilemag