Lindsay Lohan – threatened by “psychotic” stalker

The person on the line claims to know precisely where LiLo is at every moment and watch her day and night.

For several months now, the starlet has been undergoing treatment for addiction at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. Being confined there, she cannot really move beyond the walls of the establishment, which greatly facilitates the work of her “tracker”.

Lohan has even asked her lawyer obtain a restraining order against the madman, but so far nothing has been filed in court.

Nevertheless, the malicious calls have begun to worry the young woman, already psychologically fragile. The calls have been taken very seriously by the medical staff at the Betty Ford Center.

Doctors have taken security measures to best protect the starlet, in case of a potential attack. Lindsay Lohan has been transferred to a very secure facility, where she is to be held until January 3, 2011. Then the actress could regain her freedom, unless her stay is extended by court order.

UPDATE: Lindsay’s entourage told TMZ that the man behind these phone calls and messages could be Sam Lutfi, the man who is credited in large for Britney Spears’s downfall, between 2007 and 2008.

The man, identified as harmful to Britney (especially by justice which forbade him to approach Spears), got himself noticed when he sued Lynne Spears, the singer’s mother, for defamation. In a 2008 book entitled “Through the Storm”, she draws a portrait of Sam Lutfi that he claimed was defamatory: she describes him as a “predator,” a “false and suspicious” man that was a bad influence on Britney.

For his part, Lutfi denies being the author of these messages.