FBI investigates threats sent to Lindsay Lohan

The man has made “disparaging statements about her recovery and her family,” and even suggested that he is “watching her.”

Now Lohan’s mother and brother have reportedly received strange messages too. The stalker identifies himself as “Mike from TMZ” and warning Lohan to distance herself from mom Dina. Lutfi denies having contacted La Lohan.

The medical staff at the Betty Ford center has taken security measures to best protect the starlet, in case of a potential attack. Lindsay has been transferred to a very secure facility.

Lindsay’s entourage claims the man behind these threats is Sam Lufti, the man responsible for Britney Spears’s downfall in 2007.

Michael Lohan, the star’s father, told RadarOnline that he doesn’t believe Lutfi is guilty.

“Someone is trying to say Sam is the stalker and Sam has nothing to do with that,” he insisted.