Paris Hilton gets evacuated from a plane

The plane, a Boeing 757-200, which made the connection between the international airport of Los Angeles (Calif.) and Kahului (Maui Island / Hawaii), was boarding when a passenger noticed that in the back pocket of the seat before him there was a “big knife”.

He immediately announced a crew member who in turn warned the commander who ordered the evacuation of all persons on board. Paris Hilton and her fiance Cy Waits, who sat in first class, had to leave the device as all other passengers did.

The blonde heiress twittered about the incident, calling it “scary.” “We were about to take off then security made everyone deplane because they found a big knife on board the plane. Scary that it got on plane.”

“They just finished the security sweep of the plane. About to board again. So strange a knife got on board. Can’t wait to get to Maui,” she wrote.

According to TMZ, the knife was eventually identified as belonging to a crew member and the flight would have been allowed to leave.