Betty Ford staffer’s lawyer says the clinic is “immoral”

Attorney Keith Davidson told TMZ that Dawn Holland, the BF worker, hired him “to investigate employment and civil rights claims Ms. Holland has against the Betty Ford Clinic and others surrounding her recent unlawful termination.”

“Ms. Holland was immediately targeted, unmercifully interrogated, intimidated and threatened with her livelihood unless she conformed to the immoral and unethical requests of the Clinic,” he argues.

Betty Ford “was exerting every influence they had in attempting to cover up their own unlawful conduct,” Davidson insists.

The lawyer concludes, “It’s a shame that during this season of giving, the once esteemed BFC has become the proverbial Grinch by trashing one of their own.”

Holland’s daughter-in-law, Kerra Mason, has told “She is not talking to anyone, she has been advised by her lawyers not to talk to anyone.”

So far, Betty Ford hasn’t commented on this.