Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams: dating rumors

In the past several months, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling have been denying rumors they are dating. The actor was seen as being close to the actress Blake Lively, but it seems that the two stars have decided to feed the speculation again, People reports.

In an interview with ABC News’ Nightline, Cynthia McFadden asked the two “Blue Valentine” stars if they were a couple.

After exchanging long looks, Gosling began acting as if he hadn’t heard the question, while Williams was smiling. The actress slightly nodded her head for a “no”, while Gosling smiled mysteriously.

After a moment of silence, McFadden said: “I do not believe this.”

Gosling responded that people often feel that he is lying when answering intimate questions. “I always look like I’m lying. It’s just – that’s my face.”

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have raised speculation that they are a couple at the screening of “Blue Valentine” at Cannes, as they were spotted strolling hand in hand.