Red Bull Christmas card is mocking Ferrari

Formula 1 teams use to make Christmas cards during the holiday season, and in recent years these items have circulated on the Internet as well, although they are addressed to a small number of people.

For this winter holiday season, the card made by Red Bull Racing is likely to be considered the most original, since it ironically depicts the team orders imposed by Ferrari in Germany by which Felipe Massa gave up the victory in favor of Fernando Alonso.

Thus, the card depicts Sebastian Vettel at the wheel of a Red Bull monopost in a duel with Santa, who is driving his famous reindeer sled. The new Formula 1 world champion is informed from the speakers that he must cede victory to Santa Claus.

“Santa is faster than you. Please confirm you understand this message!” reads the radio call.

Usually, the most original Christmas cards author is Bernie Ecclestone, and Red Bull Racing is back in the lead role. This time around, the F1 commercial rights holder alluded to the Red Bull Racing team’s insistence not to impose orders and Christian Horner fails to decide whom to promote even after throwing a coin into the air.

“It doesn’t always fall the way you think,” reads the caption.

Source: cmckinleyF1 | FormulaUK