$82,000 for illuminating a house in the spirit of Christmas

For 25 years, the Fauchers have been building a fairytale setting around their home in Delaware. Nothing is too good to celebrate the Christmas spirit (and to impress the neighbors, by the way). This year, they used the tune of a million bulbs. Ecology experts have estimated that their monthly bill amounts to $82,000 just for their Christmas lights.

To make the calculations, the website HouseLogic took into account the average price per kWh in the region inhabited by Faucher and found that the bulbs will stay on for 4 hours a night for 30 nights in total. The cost per hour is $686 so it all amounts to $82,320 for 30 nights. A nice sum to get into the Christmas spirit!

The site has estimated that if the family was using LED bulbs, their lights would cost “only” $10,680.

Source: Gizmodo via House Logic via Unplggd