This year’s Christmas tree: The Tannenboing

Synthetic trees are very practical since they are reusable and do not lose their spines, but there’s one pointy problem: you have to be able to preserve it properly.

That is what the Tannenboing will attempt to solve, adding a touch of high-tech. The Tannenboing presents itself as a Christmas tree, or rather it represents the concept of one. This is a kind of aluminum disc cut spiral whose summit is to be suspended from the ceiling to provide a conical volume.

The tree is dotted with small hooks suitable for attaching ornaments, garlands and other decorations (up to 200).

The concept was born out of the desire to limit the impact of year-end holidays on the ecology, namely to prevent the cutting of trees, but also to limit the carbon footprint produced by the manufacturing of synthetic trees.

If by any chance you find that this futuristic Christmas tree fits your home, know that it is available for the modest sum of $ 475 on its dedicated website.

Source: Gizmodo via Tanenboing via 2Modern