Bristol Palin might move to Arizona

At 20, the daughter of ultraconservative candidate Sarah Palin, bought a six-room house in Maricopa, Arizona, to bring the whole family, The New York Times reports.

Edward Farrell, vice mayor of Maricopa, offered a tour of his city to Bristol Palin’s father, Todd Palin.

“I left the meeting thinking that maybe he and Sarah were looking for a place to live,” Farrell said.

The star of the last season of “Dancing With The Stars” is said to have paid $172,000 for this brown stucco house, according to property records from Pinal County.

A good deal for the young woman as the 3,900-square-foot house was sold for $330,000 four years ago. The former owner, Michael Smith, said he isn’t sure of the reasons that prompted Bristol Palin to buy the house, but said “She seems like a nice girl. We’re excited for her.”

“It’s not about glitz and glamour, but about quality of life,” Farrell added. “I think she bought in the best neighborhood that Maricopa has to offer.”