Kelly Osbourne’s ex humiliated on the net

“Just found something out that has hurt my feelings so bad 🙁 and christmas was going so well…” could be read on Kelly Osbourne’s Twitter page on Saturday. The next day, she sent another message, “What do you do when someone lies in the darkest way and you try to tell the person that was lied 2 but they don’t believe you?”

“I think the best part of this situation is that I have been painted out 2 be the crazy 1 when all I did was tell the honest to gods truth,” she wrote. “Thank god for family that’s all I have to say.”

On Monday, Osbourne went on to insult Worrall in good and due form on Twitter, calling him “the biggest piece of s—” and said that he was “trying to get back w/ me” while sleeping with “100’s of girls.”

“All he did was use me,” she wrote, and warned, “all girls beware!”

“He used me for my money and a free ride he is lucky I am not spilling the hole truth about what he did!” she tweeted on Monday. “He is the worst thing that ever happened to me … darling ur pretty face will only get you so far because u don’t have the brains to back it up.”

Luke Worrall reacted to the singer’s surly on Tuesday: “Lies on Twitter, wonderful.”

On Tuesday morning, Kelly changed her tone, saying that she felt stupid and she would leave Twitter for a while.

“Dont think I have ever felt so stupid he made a fool of me going to be off Twitter for a while never felt heart brake like this in my life,” she wrote.

In 2008, 26-year-old Kelly Osbourne got engaged to British model Luke Worrall, 21. The two separated in July because of his infidelity.