Amy Winehouse’s “trashy” songs

Amy Winehouse is a great artist, with the advantages and disadvantages that come with this, with a lot of talent and a trash attitude.

Speaking of trash, a red notebook of little Amy was found by chance in a dustbin, along with some school books. On this notebook, the 17-year-old girl confided her heartaches and some of her desires.

Goals that Winehouse had for the future when she was 17 include: “buy FLAT in London,” “get gym membership,” “buy a sunbed to put in my flat,” “get teeth fixed,” “live like the bombshell I really am.”

Simply entitled “Amy’s Songs” on its cover, the precious object already shows the artist’s writing talent and her early passion for drugs and alcohol.

Lines such as “Drain my drink & order more / Can’t you play all night / I knew I was beckoned by the stage” show that Amy had a passion for music since teenage, but also early struggles with drinking habits.

Winehouse’s rep told People that the singer wants the notes back. “Yes, they are hers,” her rep confirmed. “They got thrown out by mistake and she’s in the process of getting them back now.”