A new design idea for the PSP2?

After pictures of the possible future console from Sony leaked online, here are some models of the front and rear sides of the console.

Unfortunately these are not official photos as Sony has not confirmed the rumors, but these models will definitely arouse curiosity.

These images were the subject of an article in PSM3 magazine, which speculated on both the PSP2 and the possible future PlayStation Phone.

Both images were taken from the leaked photos released by VG247. They allow us to learn more about the functions that the PSP2 could provide.

The first images showed us the front camera and the two joysticks. This time we also have a glimpse of the back of the console; it seems that the back is also equipped with a camera, but also with a trackpad.

But there is one question that intrigues us on the appearance of these images. Why a PSP2 and a PlayStation Phone? They are two different products, and many expected the phone from Sony to include all these features.

Source: PSM3 via Luxology via Gizmodo