Dr. Murray’s defense blames Michael Jackson’s weakened state during tours

Sources close to the criminal case told TMZ there’s “compelling evidence” that MJ was in weakened health whenever he went on tour. People who accompanied him on various tours – like the “Bad” and “Dangerous” concerts – claim the singer was often “dehydrated, medicated, and sleep-deprived.”

In addition, the “This Is It” London tour was especially demanding for MJ, as AEG added dozens of concert dates for the star, who was already in an extremely weakened condition and terrified he would fail.

On each tour, Jackson had a doctor accompany him and attend to his needs, just like with Dr. Murray.

The idea on which the defense plans to rely is that Jackson had become a physical mess, and that he would demand drugs to be able to sleep.

Murray’s lawyer will be using this information, claiming the singer felt tremendous pressure and relied on Propofol to help him sleep. The defense also stated that when Murray left the room and Jackson woke up, he accidentally gave himself a fatal dose of the drug out of frustration and fear.