Bonus of almost one million euros for Jeremy Clarkson in 2010

Jeremy Clarkson gains nice sums of money from the show Top Gear. The moderator and the main star of the show managed to raise 850,000 British pounds, the equivalent of 984,940 euros in the past year. This money is a bonus, which completes the annual salary provided by BBC, estimated at one million pounds, which is 1.158 million euros.

The bonus comes from a special contract between Clarkson and BBC, set up by the marketing department in order to motivate the British man. Currently enjoying the status of one of the best paid TV stars, Clarkson has received this year almost one million euros from the sale of promotional items associated with the Top Gear show: books, DVDs, toys and models.

The contract signed by Clarkson with Top Gear, whereby a percentage of the sales of promotional items goes to the moderator, was signed in order to persuade the British to remain in the BBC team.

Source: egmcartech