Source says Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds rumors are “ridiculous”

A witness says the two “were holding hands at one point” and “were very cute together.” So, are they a couple?

The actors dined at the restaurant Bess Bistro, owned by Bullock. “They were very playful, smiling the whole time and occasionally touching…What a hot — and quick — rebound for both of them!” a witness told E! Online. After the meal, Reynolds and Bullock went to the actress’ residence.

Apparently, Bullock is helping Reynolds cope with his divorce from Scarlett Johansson.

“They talk on the phone and she counsels him,” an insider reveals. “She can relate to what he’s going through since the whole thing with Jesse and her divorce.”

“Sandra loves Ryan,” another source told PopEater. “They became very good friends when they filmed ‘The Proposal,’ but they are not a couple, at least not yet … They love spending quality time together.”

“Ryan always got excited talking about Sandra and liked being around her,” the source added.

“I’m sure they’ve bonded over the breakups,” a Reynolds insider reveals. “Going through a divorce is a unique thing to live through.”

However, the rumors were denied by Sandra’s rep: “A group of old friends that included Ryan and Sandra spent New Year’s together at Sandra’s restaurant Bess Bistro. They all had a great time ringing in the New Year as they have in the past … as nothing more than friends.”

In addition, sources close to the two told People that they share a platonic relationship. The idea that Reynolds and Bullock are couple strikes as “ridiculous” to one of Reynolds’ friends. “They have been friends for 10 years and they celebrated New Year’s with others. That’s it. They really are just friends.”

Image source: Us Weekly