Fake Steve Jobs Twitter account threatened by Apple

Creating a fake Facebook profile could result in a $ 1,000 fine and / or one year in prison.

Because of this, the person who manages the fake Steve Jobs Twitter account @CeoSteveJobs has already received a complaint from Apple. According to the complaint, this account is a violation of Twitter’s policy on imitations, including the fact that it is forbidden to use other persons’ exact name.

The account @CeoSteveJobs currently has over 367,100 followers. Even if Twitter has not changed its policy since 1 January, the account is a violation of the policy on usernames and accounts on the platform.

To comply with the rules of society, the word “fake” or “not” will have to be added by @CeoSteveJobs on his account. The owner has already added a note on his bio explaining that the account was a parody, but it seems Twitter wants him to say explicitly that the account is false.

As a consequence, some subscribers complain that this will make it less funny.

Source: CeoSteveJobs via TechCrunch via Gizmodo