Is Apple launching Verizon iPhone on February 3?

According to AppleInsider, which relies on internal resources, Apple has defined a three-week period running from late January to mid-February during which the employees at Apple Stores – especially those with little seniority – are not be allowed to take vacation.

Usually, this means that a major launch is prepared and the company needs all its forces. Speculation is rife around the name of the famous product, with the most likely being the Verizon iPhone.

This is an announcement that could make a lot of noise in the United States and generate big sales. It’s logical to assume that this is the product in question, especially since its launch in late January has already been mentioned several times.

iPad 2 could also be part of this. Some say Steve Jobs plans to shorten usual renewal cycles to implement FaceTime, the video call service that would become available on iPad due to the incorporated camera.