Meg Ryan vs. Michelle Pfeiffer

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan is an American actress known primarily for her roles in romantic comedies.

Ryan studied journalism at New York University. After several television films and small appearances in movies, her first major role came with the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. Due to the success of the film, Ryan came to be viewed as a charming, but incurable romantic.

She tried several times to break that image and got positive reviews for her acting in “When a man loves a woman” – where she plays an alcoholic – and “Courage under fire” – where she plays an officer killed in combat.

Meg Ryan married actor Dennis Quaid in 1991 after starring with him in two films. They have a son, Jack Henry, born April 24, 1992. The couple divorced in July 2001 after Meg had an affair with Russell Crowe while shooting the action movie “Proof of life”. This episode tarnished the reputation of the actress and her image of an adorable and mischievous young woman. Her films no longer met the same success at the box office.

Much less present on the movie sets in the 2000s and more in the tabloids because of numerous plastic surgery that distorted her face, Meg Ryan decided to end her career in 2008, saying: “I think when Hollywood is done with me, I will probably be done with it. I’m not interested in playing those stock characters any more and I don’t feel sad that I don’t get those kind of offers.”

She has since devoted herself entirely to the education of her two children: Jack, the boy she had with Dennis Quaid, and Daisy True, a little girl she adopted from China in 2006.

Recently, Meg was linked to singer John Mellencamp, who announced on December 30, 2010 that he and his wife, Elaine Irwin Mellencamp, are divorcing after 18 years of marriage. posted a photo showing Meg, John and Elaine having dinner together in New York City after Mellencamp was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is an American actress. She was born in a family with multiple roots. Her father Richard is of German, Irish and Dutch descent. Her mother Donna is a Swiss and Swedish ancestry.

She debuted in 1983 with a role in Scarface. She became famous in the 1980s and 1990s, with a series of critically-acclaimed performances in films such as “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Married to the Mob”, “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, “The Russia House”, “Frankie and Johnny”, “Love Field” and “The Age of Innocence”.
she has received various awards for her work, including the Golden Globe Award, the BAFTA Award and the Silver Bear.

In 2002, she put her career on hold. She returned to the big screen in 2007: she starred “Hairspray” with John Travolta and “Stardust” with Robert De Niro. Both films were box office successes.

In 1981, she married actor and director Peter Horton but they divorced. In 1993, she adopted a baby girl, Claudia Rose, and in November of the same year she married television writer and producer David E. Kelley, creator of Chicago Hope, Picket Fences, Ally McBeal, Boston Public, The Practice and Boston Legal. Pfeiffer and Kelley have two children, one adopted daughter and one biological son.

In 1990 and 1999, Pfeiffer appeared on the cover of People’s first “50 Most Beautiful People in the World” issue.

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