CDMA iPhone about to be announced by Verizon

As we previously reported, Apple placed restrictions on its holiday leaves, a sign that something was brewing. And that coud very well be the launching in the U.S. of the CDMA iPhone, compatible with the network of the same name used by Verizon, which attracts attention.

According to Reuters, Verizon is expected to announce the launch tomorrow before the actual sale of the product in late January. For Apple, it’s a huge blow because Steve Jobs’ company is about to reach a market of 93 million people in the United States. This could also boost sales for the firm of almost 5% as explained by the Wall Street Journal.

For Verizon, which puts an end to the monopoly of its main competitor AT & T on Apple’s smartphone, the effect of partnership could also be substantial because some are already foreseeing the sale of 9-12 million CDMA iPhones this year.

Although much of the users should only change their phones since they’re using Verizon, the operator hopes to steal a lot of customers from its rival.