Official: Toyota introduces the hybrid monocab Prius V

Toyota unveiled at Detroit the first derivative of the Prius hybrid model range. It’s Prius monocab V, which adopts the same eco formula, but offers a more generous interior space.

The Japanese monocab is 4.62 meters long, 1.78 meters wide, 1.57 meters tall and has a wheelbase of 2.78 meters. The generous dimensions help the new Prius V to provide a 50% more roomy interior than the current model and of course a much larger trunk.



The HSD platform hosts the same type on Atkinson petrol engine, 1.8 liters and 98 horsepower, aided by a 80 horse power unit. The combined power sums 134 horsepower, enough for a model that size.

The low aerodynamic coefficient (0.29) makes the consumption values to be within narrow limits. V Prius consumes 5.6 liters of gasoline in urban agglomerations, 6.2 liters and 5.9 liters on the highway in mixed traffic conditions.

Inside, the audience gets a new multimedia system, named Entune, which allows the use of mobile phone applications and Bing Internet utility to obtain traffic information, fuel prices, weather or the latest sports results.

Available with 16 wheels and 205/60 tires as standard or optional 17-inch wheels and 215/50 tires, the new Prius V is expected for release this year.

With the unveiling of the new MPV, Toyota officials have confirmed that the new lineup of hybrids will take the name of the pioneer Prius, as previously anticipated.

Source: Toyota