Google turns Android phone into a universal translator

The latest version of this application comes with a number of improvements at the level of the interface, but also includes a completely new facility, present at the moment only in an alpha version of development.

Conversation Mode is nothing but a universal translator, which allows you to communicate with strangers without knowing their language of origin.

In this mode, the application uses a voice recognition function to intercept the conversation, which translates in real time and then delivers the result in the interlocutor’s native language.

The system operates in a bidirectional mode, for both participants in the conversation, switching automatically to the appropriate language translation, depending on the language in which words are spoken.

Google Translate currently supports 53 languages for text input and 15 language in the voice recognition mode.

As for limitations, the Conversation Mode function is sensitive to background noise, accent and pronunciation differences. For best results, the conversations mustn’t be spoken very quickly, but smoothly so as not to overburden the conversion application.

Currently in development, the application Google Translate with the Conversation Mode function will be publicly available only in a few months.