iOS 4.3: what to expect on the iPhone and iPad

Developers can play with the new functions of the operating system of Apple touch. iOS 4.3 is available in beta for participants in its development program.

On the menu of the new OS, new orders to four fingers for the iPad to switch from one application to another within a lateral shift or return to the home screen with a single pinch. The whole is very convincing, although few conflicts can occur with certain software.

On the iPhone, no new gesture, except a hotspot function, already unveiled by the U.S. operator Verizon. It is thus possible to share its 3G connection using Wi-Fi with five devices such as an iPad or a computer.

For now, no date has been announced for the public release of the updated iOS 4.3. We do know that the iPhone 3G will not enjoy it. After the disappointments of the version 4.2 with its system being too slow on the older generation of smartphones, Apple probably wanted to avoid complaints from users.