Courteney Cox leads a crazy life

The actress split from her husband David Arquette last October.

“Obviously, my life is crazy now, somehow,” the actress revealed.

Last fall, Courteney Cox and David Arquette separated after 11 years of marriage. On New Year, the actor was admitted to a detoxification clinic.

Cox was the first to bring Arquette’s name up when asked how she preferred top-shelf wine.

“I think I have a fancy palate — at least that’s what David always used to say to me,” she said.

Cox said she was used to being the subject of media attention but now that becomes more difficult with age.

“Probably as I get older I’m probably getting a little more sensitive,” the actress said. “So, it might be harder in some ways. Obviously, my life is kind of crazy right now. So, getting a lot of that. It’s probably a little harder for me than it used to be — I think I just didn’t notice.”

The actress finds some solace on the set of “Cougar Town.”

“There have been times when [Executive Producer] Bill [Lawrence] has said, “Are you all right? Do you need to take a break?” And I’m like, “Are you kidding? This is my saving grace,” she said.

Cox and Arquette have a 6-year-old daughter named Coco. The actress revealed that she lets her daughter watch her ABC series.

“I do — I tell her to close her eyes when it’s inappropriate — but she does,” Cox said.