Sick Usher walks off-stage in the middle of a Berlin concert


The singer released a statement in which he explained the reasons for the canceling: “I am truly sorry to all my fans in Berlin who were inconvenienced by tonight’s postponement of the show. I was ill and felt that I would not have been able to give them the show that they properly deserve. … I am looking forward to performing tomorrow and giving Berliners a great show.”

On Thursday night, an ailing Usher showed up on stage 40 minutes later than scheduled and performed only five songs. After being unable to finish the show, he abandoned the stage.

According to Usher’s rep, the singer canceled the shows due to an “upper respiratory illness.”

“After consultation with doctors, he has been advised to reschedule the upcoming dates in order to get the rest he needs to ensure a complete recovery,” he continues.

“I have been very excited about my European Tour and I deeply regret having to reschedule the shows,” Usher said in a new statement. “I am truly sorry for any inconvenience I have caused my fans. My fans are the best in the world and I am looking forward to getting better so that I can give them the show they deserve.”