Kanye West to Britney Spears: “I’mma let you be #1”

Britney’s new single, “Hold It Against Me”, is the tube of the moment and it seems to create some tension.

Indeed, Kanye West tried to be humorous on Twitter, but because of his past, Spears’ entourage didn’t appreciate the post.

“Yo Britney,” he tweeted on Friday. “I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you be #1, but me and Jay-Z single is one of the best songs of all time.”

Adam Leber, Britney’s manager and director of Circus Tour, didn’t take this bit of humor very well and was quick to respond to Kanye with irony: “Thanks for “letting” us be #1. Much appreciated …”

After that, the rapper cooled down a little and added on a reconciling note:

“On a serious note, I’m truly happy for @AvrilLavigne and @BritneySpears … No hate in 2011!” he wrote.

“I thought LOL signified a joke … I didn’t get the 2011 LOL doesn’t signify a joke anymore memo … LOL or something else I guess,” he added.

After Taylor Swift, this is another blonde who can longer stand to see Kanye’s picture.