Owen Wilson, a discreet new dad

Wilson is an exception in Hollywood and announced the pregnancy a week before delivery, in an attempt to be incognito.

An uncommon discretion. In Hollywood, rumors of baby are coming and going at high speed. Nowadays, it seems that it is impossible for a star to have a child without the paparazzi not revealing the pregnancy in its early stages. And yet, Owen Wilson, 42, has managed this challenge.

Owen’s girlfriend, Jade Duell, is unknown. They might be together for more than a year, they were never spotted on the red carpet and live a quiet life as much as possible.

In order to live a peaceful pregnancy, she spent most of the last nine months on the island of Hawaii, where the actor owns a home. For now, the baby has no name, but Wilson’s rep said the first-time dad was “very exited and involved with the pregnancy.”

This is a surprise baby after his turbulent relation. On 26 August 2007, he was hospitalized following a suicide attempt. The reason, which was never made public, was the break with Kate Hudson. Since then, Kate Hudson met Matt Bellamy, frontman of the band “Muse”, with whom she’s expecting a baby..