Beckham’s Porsche sold for 217,100 dollars

David Beckham’s former Porsche 911 Turbo was sold on the Internet for the sum of 217,000 dollars. The model was manufactured in 2008 and received a number of changes to appeal to the British footballer’s taste. More specifically, the Porsche was painted in a matte black color, it got tinted optical blocks, a set of alloy wheels and a custom leather interior.

The headrests, steering wheel and mats were printed with the number 23 that Beckham wears on his shirt for the Los Angeles Galaxy team.

The client didn’t get the opportunity to buy car directly from the famous playe, the as the model was sold through a dealer in luxury cars. The purchase price of the model was $ 100,000, and the changes cost about $ 50,000. Those who brokered the sale of the car relied on its famous first owner, which ought to have attracted a large number of fans.

Of course, sellers would have had the chance to earn more money if they had a car with the driving on the right and it would have been sold in the UK, where David Beckham enjoys a much larger number of fans.

Source: USAToday