Jennifer Aniston Covers Allure Magazine

The actress posed sexy for the magazine, wearing a pajama top open, pointing to a part of her chest.

In the interview with Allure, Aniston confessed that she hated her famous “Rachel” haircut, named after her character in the sitcom “Friends. ”

”How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen,” she said. “What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs?”

Concerning her private life, the actress says she would have made a good party planner and is an expert in making drinks, especially “Bloody Mary”, her favorite cocktail.

“I should have been a party planner,” the star says. “I’m a good mixologist in terms of personality types. I do a tree trimming party every year – 15 years I’ve been doing this. At my tree-trimming party we always do chili: turkey, regular beef, and vegetarian. Everybody is satisfied.”

She continues: “I can make two drinks really well: a dirty martini and a Bloody Mary. People are like, ‘You make the best Bloody Marys,’ and my secret ingredient is basically Mr and Mrs T’s Bloody Mary Mix. It’s not some fancy mix that they do with the horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. It’s the 7-Eleven of Bloody Marys. It’s the trashiest.”

As for what she finds intriguing on TV today: “You know what I find fascinating? The Bachelor. I was mesmerized by how these girls, they meet this guy, they have three dates together or something, and they’re weeping as though they’ve just lost the love of their life. I don’t understand that.”