Glasses-Free 3D gaming on the future iPod touch?


While Nintendo is getting ready for the release next month of the famous 3DS that would offer glasses-free 3D, the Japanese blog Macotakara cites an anonymous source claimings that a small 3D LCD panel is in production and may well equip the future iPod touch.

According to Macotakara, this principle of 3D is an association of FaceTime, motion sensor and gyroscope that follows the user’s head and thus provides an optimum setting to display a 3D image.

All this is probably pure speculation, but it is interesting to think that Apple could face Nintendo in its own game with the iPod touch. Apple has clearly invested in the iPod touch as an iOS device that would be perfect for mobile gaming.

A 3D mobile screen would be another exciting breakthrough for the company in Cupertino that would work well on the Japanese manufacturer’s devices.