Madonna: teased by her brother again

This is something that isn’t likely to improve the relations Madonna has with her brother, who apparently takes a perverse pleasure in teasing his star sister.

After devoting an entire book to his relationship with his sister, the individual has lost contact with the star, who apparently accused him of being indiscrete and reconciliation isn’t likely to take place in the near future.

Christopher Ciccone has recently talked about his sister’s relationships with younger men.

“I guess if she continues to date all these much younger guys, it could start to look creepy,” he told

He continued: “I think that a lot of Madonna’s emotional needs are met by taking care of her children; these boyfriends must really be like a kind of distraction for her.”

“She certainly isn’t following societal values, but then again my sister never has and probably never will either,” Christopher says.

That should please Brahim Zaibat, Madonna’s current boyfriend, who is 24 years old.