Jennifer Love Hewitt has already picked up her engagement rings


The actress admits to having selected three rings from a great jeweler in hopes of helping her would-be-husband to choose from.

As a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, she says, “I actually have three because I feel like I’m doing the guy a favor. Women are very confusing. We never know what we want and we’re not very good at nailing that down for them. I feel like I don’t want to be upset if he picks a bad ring”

The actress also reveals that she will inform the man of her life of her selection of rings, when the relationship gets really serious, “If it gets to that conversation. If marriage comes up, I’m like, “You know what’s so weird. There is this store [Tiffany’s] and there are three rings in it… And if you chose one of these three, I’m going to be really excited. And if you go off on your own, we can have an awful, awkward moment. So why would you want to do that?”

Jennifer Love Hewitt is currently dating actor and director Alex Beh.