Montana Fishburne’s attempt to cheat justice

The p#!n star and her lover, Jerome Greene, were arrested in February 2010. They were suspected to have beaten her boyfriend’s ex. The couple is now in custody pending trial.

However, TMZ reveals that the accused made a suicide attempt in the hope of avoiding prison.

It all started in August when Montana’s worried father had private investigator follow his daughter. The detective caught a video where we see her attempting suicide by drinking bleach.

The actress’ lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, who has also worked for Lindsay Lohan, has sent the film to the prosecutor claiming psychological problems for his client so that he could get a plea for a detoxification cure, not jail.

However, the prosecutor argues that the video “was just a ploy by the defendant to manipulate the People to offer a more lenient sentence.”

The young woman had been disowned by her father when she was launched into the adult film industry.