The Kardashians talk plastic surgery and Twitter on Piers Morgan show

While we already knew that Kim is a botox addict, with her latest photos posted on Twitter proving that she has little left of a natural woman, she told Morgan that her chest is “completely, 100 percent real.” However, this isn’t the case with her sister who admitted to having implants.

The sisters also talked shopping. When asked what was the most extravagant thing they ever bought for themselves, Kim said she once dropped no fewer than $ 115,000 for a watch.

As for the talent that makes them deserve the spotlight, the sisters cited marketing and fashion as their skills.

“I would absolutely say that marketing is a skill and I think that fashion [is] as well,” Kim answered. “Each sister have been stylists at some point in our lives. We own three successful clothing stores.”

“So, when people call you talent-less, how do you react?” the host asked. “Does it hurt you?”

“It doesn’t hurt me,” Kourtney said. “I think people that know us, that watch our show, see that we work, see that we’re hard workers.

“I usually find the comments come from people that don’t watch our show or know anything about us,” Kourtney continued. “They might just see us in magazines or see our pictures on blogs and think that we’re just spoiled kids that don’t do anything and we just run around Hollywood and go to parties.”

Morgan also delved into politics with the three reality stars. To the question of “What would you say if I said, ‘Sarah Palin’?” Kourtney replied, “I just think, like, hunter. That’s just like the first thing that comes into my head.”

Kim also said Obama was the first presidential candidate to get her “motivated enough to vote.”

Speaking of Obama, when Morgan pointed out that all three are in the top 100 list of people being followed on Twitter worldwide, Kourtney being number 72, Khloe number 47, and Kim, with 6 million followers, as the sixth-most followed, she’s competing with President Barack Obama.

Kourtney said Twitter is “the best decision-maker,” as she Tweets everything from potential perfume bottle designs, to outfit or dinner dilemmas. Morgan also asked the girls if there is anything about their lives that is off-limits.

“Relationships,” Kim answered. “I only show very little bits and pieces.” When asked if she was “in love” with New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries, Kim responded: “I think that this time around, I am really trying to keep things a little bit more private than I have in the past.”

Image source: CNN