Why Bristol Palin won’t talk about abstinence at Washington University

However, “because of the growing controversy among undergraduates over the decision to pay for her talk with student-generated funds” her college sex talk was cancelled.

RadarOnline.com reports Palin, 20, who became pregnant with her son Tripp at age 17, had been invited by the Student Health Advisory Committee to talk about abstinence as part of the University’s Student Sexual Responsibility Week.

Due to students’ protests against the use of student-generated money to fund Bristol’s fee, her appearance was cancelled.

“It’s not necessarily in opposition to the ideas that are being presented,” said Philip Thomas, the student who started the protest. “People are getting so angry because of the opposition to Palin’s lack of expertise and the high cost she is charging.”

Another student, Ryan McCombe, created a Facebook petition protesting Palin’s appearance, and gathered 102 members in 24 hours, as well as some pretty harsh complaints.

“Bristol Palin got pregnant at 17, and rose to fame on none of her own merits, only the fact that her mother ran for Vice President, she has zero credentials in this area, and costs a ton of money,” one member wrote.

“I am against Bristol Palin coming to WashU for a number of reasons, not first of which is that it could be paying for some genuine education. Also, this is a place of learning and Abstinence programs were created in reaction and as a replacement for sex-education,” adds another member.

Palin’s will be replaced on the panel by Dr. Katie Plax, associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine.